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Many posts are a coming

OK so I have a few moments to post. I'll prob sound like a rambling lunatic, just blame it on being sleep deprived.
just a warning to those who read my posts (though I know there isn't many of you- lol)

Baby Bets

OK I am taking baby bets now on his outcome. Here are my baby picks.

1- he will have a lot of hair. i know most of it will fall out with in the first few weeks but I think he wont have peach fuzz, i think he'll have quit a bit of hair.

2-some where in the 6 pounds 2-4 ounce range.

3-thin and skinny and he wont look like a chubby Michelin baby (ie the white tire guy for the car store)


4- he'll be about 18 or 19 inches. Small to average.

Anyone else care to take a bet

Freaky Pregnancy Dreams

Ok so the freaky pregnancy dreams have started.  Last night I had 2 such weird dreams. The first one was that my mother had lung cancer. Its not the first time this month that I have had the dream but its the first time it was in such vivid detail.  perhaps I should ask her to go see the doctor and be checked out. Then again, if she does have lung cancer, there isn't much that can be done at the later stages and do we really want to find out. I dont know. i'll ask her what she thinks.

the second freaky dream is that I went into early labor and they had to do a C section on me. However it wasn't a normal C section. They had to use a normal Scissor.  I actually saws them pick up my belly skin, pinch it tight and cut. And they told me because it was an emergency they couldn't give me an Epidural. So they kept cutting away.
I can't tell you how freaked out I was when I woke up from that.

new cell phone

Ok got a new cell phone today. its the motorola cliq. its one of the android smart phones. Two reasons why I upgraded from my blackberry. 

1-It is a better phone (5 mg pix camera vs the 3 from the black berry), has more features, options and a bigger screen. Plus it has apps 
2- I had a tmobile credit that was going to expire in a few weeks. I was also able to convince the tmobile people to give me a HUGE discount if I upgraded to the smart phone. Normally it runs about $399, But I told them at the store that the authorized dealer downstairs was going to give it to me for $150 if I upgraded today for another 2 years. So he matched that deal. So I didn't pay much for the phone out of pocket.

So far its strange and since my past 3 phones have been black berry phones so getting used to an android smart phone with touch screen is gonna take some time. but so far I am not hating it, I kind of like its features. I haven't downloaded any apps yet. There are a few I know that the Iphone has and hoping I can get it too.

The two I want is the baby count down and the bar code scanner. I am not sure if I can get them on a Non  Iphone but will figure it out monday afternoon.

Out of control vet situation

I'm so completely depressed over the current vet situation I am in.  My Oriental  Shorthair-Maya needs to have teeth pulled. I have been trying for MONTHS (yes months) to have a vet pull her bad teeth. She has 2 teeth that need to be pulled but since she has had a dental vet visit every 6-8 months and her teeth are always bad, it was advised to me that her remaining few teeth should be pulled to prevent infection and further dental disease. 

After months of dragging her to this vet, that vet, this expert and that specialists, I am just broke trying to help her. Now that I am both unemployed and WITHOUT any income (i was denied unemployment extension benefits) her teeth of course are getting really bad. Her mouth smells because of the bad teeth and I keep giving her antibiotics to fix the infection but that's a temporary fix.

This past month I've taken her to 3 vets who said they would help me, then changed their mind at the last minute or raised the price to around $1,500 to do the job. For them its not about pet care its about the almighty dollar. I even begged to let me pay half and make payments every month for the other half and they wont do it. When cats have bad dental for long periods of time, their kidneys, liver and other organs get effected by the problem. Her problem has been going on for months without proper treatment.

I have tried everything I can to help her. I have begged borrowed and even thought about stealing to get some money to get this dental done and yet that $1,500 is just not something I can do.  I am faced with losing my baby girl after having her for 8 years because of financial mishaps.  I once had that type of money and after having her for 8 years, have spent more then $5,000 on her health care alone (nearly 2,500 last year in one shot when she almost died and had to have life saving measures given to her). I just dont have the funds right now and she needs help NOW.

My parents cannot help me as they are helping me pay the mortgage and keeping a roof over my head. Plus helping me out preparing for the baby. I'm just heart sick over this.  Something that's just so simple is what is going to end her life. 

I have tried all the cat help programs out there. I dont qualify as she's 1- not in their state and some only help people in certain states, 2- not considered in a life or death situation, 3-they have too many others to help before me or 4-i am told to put it on a credit card or to get someone else to pay for it.

I dont know what else to do. I sit here and watch her in pain day after day and it brings me to tears that I dont have the funds to help her. But it makes me even more mad because none of the vets (all 7 I have gone to in the past 6 months) wont even consider letting me make payment plans with them to save her life. I just dont get it.  I'm not even sure I have anything worth of any value to sell to get some money up.

I might have some gifted jewelry but i prob wont get much for it. The only thing of value I have is my car. I could try to sell that and just be without a car for now. but that would suck when the baby comes and I have no care to transport him around in. My car isn't worth much, its 9 yrs old, although it has less than 41,000 miles on it, people still see a 9 year old car.

I just dont know what to do and I hate seeing her suffer in pain.  I mean just imagine having a tooth ache or two for 7 months and not being able to have it taken care of. You'd be miserable and in pain 24/7.  My poor Maya is suffering and I am unable to do anything to help her. I feel like such a failure.

Baby Scare

Today was very eventful, more eventful then I had planned.  I didn't get much sleep last night because I fell asleep around 3 am and had to be up at 7 for an 8 am doc appointment.  After speaking with the doctor, I told her that I had a pain on th left side and she asked if it was Sharp. I said yes. She said ok go home rest and it it persists you may be having contractions so go to the hospital to labor and delivery to make sure.

I came home and tried to rest, but had to take Maya to the vet (which is a whole nother story), but the pain kept getting worse. I was afraid that if I was having contractions that if the baby came 12 weeks early there wasn't much chance of its survival because the lungs and brain and not fully developed. So I drove myself to the hospital after dropping Maya back off after her vet visit.

At the hospital they ran some tests and came up with the following results.

1-I was dehydrated and needed to have more fluids
2-I was anemic and needed more iron and need to take supplements
3-The pain I was having was because of two reasons. The first was that my
ligament is expanding and two because Giovanni is kicking me from the inside and
bruising me from the inside.

After releasing me they told me I needed bed rest for the next few days and to not push myself.
Said that because my belly was all baby and not fat that there was no padding to protect me from
his kicks or him from any outside the body damage. And that I have to watch out for that.

I've quite exhausted after today and will be on bed rest for the next few days. I have the rug people
coming again tomorrow (yet another renovation disaster) and hope that it is all done with tomorrow.

Happy warm weather.

The Construction Gods hate me

Ok so today I had the Painter here, the guy to do my stairs and the floor people over.

First the stair guy came. He took off the rug on 2 of my steps, told me that what I wanted couldn't be done
and that I had to rethink what I was going to do with my stairs. Which means MORE work and more money to get it done.

Next the painter came and she took over 8 hours to paint my room. I felt that was kind of long, but thank Gods I paid her per job and not per hour. Oh and the painter was to come over on thursday or friday but decided that she had availability on tuesday. So I had to move a ton of items from that room to the spiritual room by myself and it was alot of heavy work.

The real kicker is the floor guys. Two guys who barely spoke english came over to "fix" my floor that is damaged that was JUST installed. However they told me that they could NOT fix my floor and that it has to be entirely ripped up and redone.  YES Folks the floor that is 7 days old has to be completely ripped up and reinstalled. So that will take another day of just that happening.

However here is another twist. I can't get the floors done till the stairs are done because of all the work that needs to done on it now between the carpet being ripped up, the sanding, the staining and the rerugging that needs to be done.

The Construction  Gods hate me and nothing can be done easily or within budget.
 I'm at my wits end. Nothing has gone right for me in a long time. My unemployment ran out. IE no more money
coming in, plus my renovations are taking 3 times as long and 3 times as much as I budgeted for.

I really need some stress relief, I just want to cry. I can't take this stress any more. I seriously  need
a drink or a massage or something. I am getting way stressed. And last night i had such bad cramps
and pains in my stomach that I was worried that there was something wrong with the pregnancy.  I really am
losing it. I'm fat and uncomfortable. I am tired all the time, I have no patients, I'm cranky, I'm poor and these
renovations are killing me.

Someone send a good luck fairy my way

More Choas but that's just my life

OK so more chaos that is my life. I have Empire Carpets coming tomorrow -Tuesday, to fix the damage to the floors that are here. On top of that, the contractor doing my stairs wants to come at 9 am tomorrow and start the stair projects.

Last week when I talked to the painter, she told me she was busy the early part of this week and would be to paint the baby's room either thursday or friday of this week. She calls me today and lets me know she can come tomorrow. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.  So while I have all these contractors coming tomorrow to fix my house, and i rather have it all done at once to stress me out less and to stress my cats out less ( have to lock them in the bedroom while this goes on), I thought I would have more time to move the items from the babys room to the spiritual room and go through them box by box and weed through stuff. Now I dont have that time. I have to move all the items, some heavy, to the spare room tonight.

This after I returned the phone to costco today,  went shopping, fought with time warner cable over a bill, and then got a pair of pants measured for shortening. I still have to go through tons more of stuff and am just so tired.

I also have 10 buckets of cat litter in my car, 4 of them are 27 pounds, 2 of them are 35 pounds and 5 of them are 40  pounds.  I need someone to help me move them into my house. WHY so much cat litter. Simple answer, I am tired of shopping for cat litter every 2 or 3 weeks I go and spend more money that way.  This way I buy a ton of litter and have no real reason to go back unless its for dry or wet cat food. Of which I am cutting down on. My cats eat waaaaaaay too much wet food and I need to cut them down to 2 cans a day or 1 and a half cans a day.  I try to trick them, they are used to 5 wet can feedings a day. So what i do now is I take the first can and give them half. I smush it in the dish so it looks like more. Then after they are 1/2 way done, I leave the room. Cause my cats know that where ever I go the FUN FUN FUN has to be, so they lose interest in the wet food. (well some of them, not all).  Then later on, I give them some more wet food from the same can and repeat the action.  Right now I am down to 2 cans a day, which is much better then the 3-4 I was about a month or two ago.  And when I say 2 cans, I mean 2 of the 13 ounce cans, not the normal 5.5 ounce cans.

Its 10pm, off to eat dinner and hopefully make a frozen berry smoothie.

New phone -need your thoughts

Ok so my old phone crapped out on me and I had to go get a new one. I ended up at Costco and bought a Panasonic 5 extension phone.  I charged it, set it up but only really need 3 extensions. One in the living room, the main answering machine in the kitchen and one extension in my bathroom.  I like the features on the Panasonic, ie can change ring tone, has about 50 numbers I can store in my phone book (i dont know 50 ppl, but that's another story :-).  It also has the date and time, caller ID, and I can have my parents have one ring tone, while a friend has another ring tone and my sister with yet another ring tone. I think there are over 8 ring tone changes over all. It has an alarm and two features that I want to use.  Like phone shut off. So if I normally nap from 2-4pm. I can set it up so that my phone automatically goes on no ringer for those two hours and then it automatically turns it self on at 4pm to its normal state.  It also has an alarm, so if I fell asleep and wanted to wake up at 8:55 to watch a 9pm show, I can set it up to wake me. So I set it all up and all was well.

Then I found out that costco was having a sale on a Panasonic 3 phone extension. So I said, what's the price difference and is it worth it.  The 5 extension cost me about $129 + tax. The 3 phone extension was on sale for $49 + tax.  I was like WOOT I'll be saving like $80 bucks if I exchange the 5 extension for the 3 extension. Since I am only really using 3 anyway, I'm  gonna save a ton of money.  So I ran out, got the 3 extension and charged it (didn't return the 5 extension yet cause I wanted to make sure the 3 extension works and it does.) So I packed up the 5 extension and was going to go out on Monday (hell NO in this Nor Easter to return a phone) to Costco.

However, the 3 extension phone has limited features. Its not the same phone just less extensions, its got way less features and is more of a  basic phone for someone who doesn't use alot of features. I think it has 20, there are NO ring tone changes, it has only 1 ring tone, no back light color changes, No date, no time stamp and none of the other cool features such as phone shut off or alarm.

So here is the delima, what do I do. Do I return the 5 extension phone and keep a basic phone and get the $80 refund or do I return the 3 extension and get my $50 bucks back knowing that I'm paying almost twice as much for 2 extensions I am not using (but could should one fall and break- have you met my bengal cat boys yet -grrrrrr)  and keep the features I want.

Your thoughts,  One set has got to go back on Monday. So the choice is the 5 extension or the 3 extension.

My first Lullaby

 My first Lullaby. I guess it will make more sense if you knew me and knew my sister. However trust me when I say its very appropriate.  I think me being pregnant has brought us closer as sisters. For a while (quite a number of years) we were not only not close but there were times she angered and upset me so much that I wanted her out of my life and to write her off as a family member.  Even as early as this past  Father's Day, i found out she was going to see our father and I told him that I just couldn't be in the same room with her. Since she was coming over in the early part of the day, I'd come over at night, just to avoid her and to keep his day peaceful.

But that's over and done with. I wont stress over it. So here is my first Lullaby:

Hush little baby dont you cry
Mommy's gonna sing you a lullaby

and if that lullaby dont sing
Aunt Andrea is gonna buy you a diamond ring

and if that diamond ring wont shine, 
Aunt Andrea is gonna buy you some: Vera Wang, Coach and Louie Vuttion

So hush little baby and listen to mommy sing
Aunt Andrea is gonna buy you lots of bling.
OK so back to the cleaning and organizing of the dinning room and the spare room.